Season Preview: Chinese Dance Society

On April 22rd, the Chinese Dance Society will be taking part in the biennial SYF!

In past weeks, this bevy of dancers has indubitably sacrificed much time and effort in honing their skills and synchronizing every step to the correct beat. Boasting 27 passionate dancers who wield the spirit of breaking boundaries, Hwa Chong Chinese Dance is all geared to put up a spectacular show. Under the tutelage of Madam Yang Jing Feng, an alumnus of the renowned Beijing Dance Academy, these dancers have no doubt set eyes on bringing home the highest honour achievable!

In the month following SYF, do look out for Dance Night’09, an annual dance concert held in collaboration with M.A.D! These dance enthusiasts will then introduce you to the myriad of Chinese Dance styles; from Folk, Classical to Contemporary.

Besides these performances, do keep a look out for them in other school events as well! These include Festival of Arts, Teachers’ Day and Mid Autumn Festival!