Match Report: Fencing

In the National Inter-school Fencing Championships, held on 30th and 31st March, the HC Fencing team achieved remarkable results, clinching 4 individual medals in 6 events and the champion team title in the Men’s Sabre event.

Despite this being only the 2nd year of our existence, the HC fencing team has been dedicated and hardworking in our quest for glory. We faced fierce competition from national fencers and other experienced fencers from rival schools, but managed to emerge the eventual champion in the Men’s Sabre event, ousting traditional Sabre powerhouse RJC, to clinch the champion team award by a margin of 6 points.

Other honourable achievements include the following individual medal wins and team placings:

Men’s Sabre Silver Medal – Koh Shang Yong (08A13)

Men’s Foil Bronze Medal – Koh Tong Jie (08S67)

Women’s Sabre Bronze Medal – Hoe Jia Wen (08A14)

Women’s Epee Bronze Medal – Brenda Seah (08S74)

Men’s Sabre Team – 1st

Koh Shang Yong (08A13)

Tong Hon Yee (08A15)

Cheok Liang Jie (08S69)

Ong Han Ee (08S6H)

Men’s Foil Team – 3rd

Koh Tong Jie (08S67)

Koh Shang Yong (08A13)

Cheok Liang Jie (08S69)

Mok Zhen Yang (08S6V)

John Lim (09S6A)

Women’s Sabre Team – 3rd

Hoe Jia Wen (08A14)

Jessie Huen (08S70)

Amandas Ong (08A11)

Women’s Epee Team – 3rd

Brenda Seah (08S74)

Theophilia Yong (08A10)

Melissa Wong (08A15)

The HC Fencing team has been training hard every week under the experienced tutelage of their coaches Wu Jie and Dennis.. With this being only the 1st year of our training, it is our hope that these results will improve in future competitions with further training, and that the Hwa Chong Fencing team will ultimately seek greater heights in the years to come.