Season Preview: Track and Field

The Hwa Chong Track & Field team boasts a rich legacy of success built upon the dedication, commitment and passion of generations ofseniors. Its 64 members, comprising sprinters, hurdlers, jumpers,throwers, and middle distance and cross country runners, have been training fervently towards the team's common goal of winning the team championships, in the process setting personal bests in their individual events.

While training can be physically and mentally exhausting at times, ournever-say-die spirit and enthusiasm keeps us going, and serves as adriving force for the team. Last year, the girls team won the team championship for the first time since 2002, and the boys team emerged a stronger and more determined team after finishing as 2nd runner-ups. This year's season, from April 13-23, proves to be a challenging one because of the shorter preparation time owing to the rescheduling of the 2-week competition from July to April.

Nonetheless, in preparation for the 50th National Schools Track & Field Championships 2009, the team has participated in the four Allcomers Meets organised by the Singapore Athletic Association, as well as the SPH Schools Relay Championships 2009, with the girls4x200m relay team clinching silver in the latter. The team promises to continue the tradition of excellence and and end with a strong finish,without any regrets.