Hot off the press: Track & Field, Day 6

The boys team is currently in 2nd place with 118 points, just one
point behind RI (119 points).

The girls team is currently in 2nd place with 56 points, behind RI (111 points).

A-Girls 1500m Final:

Louisa Chiew (08S68) - 05:15.06 (4th)
Phua Fanli (08S6G) - 05:26.92 (6th)
Emelyne Teo (08S73) - 05:30.34 (9th)

Louisa and Fanli ran 05:15.06 and 05:26.92 to finish in the 4th and
6th positions respectively. Despite a late surge, Emelyne missed the
8th position by a slight margin.

A-Boys 400m Final:

Cui Naisheng (08S6Q) - 00:50.79 (1st)

Living up to his nickname "Robocop", Naisheng came from behind in a
stunning finish, overtaking 2 runners in the last 100m to win the gold
medal despite only being in 4th position at the 250m mark.

Unfortunately, the end of the stunning finish was not captured by the
photographer, former HC sprinter Leong Yuan Chang, as he was just too

Fortunately, the Straits Times were there to cover the man of the moment :)

A-Girls 100m Hurdles Final:

Kelly Tan (09S71) - 00:16.69 (3rd)

Despite racing against older competitors, the small and petite Kelly
proved to be a giant inside, winning the bronze medal in a time of

A-Boys 110m Hurdles Final:

Tommy Kee (09S73) - 00:16.95 (8th)

Despite encountering problems at the 7th hurdle, Tommy managed to
break his personal best and finish within the top 8, contributing a
crucial point to the divisional ranking.

A-Girls Long Jump Final:

Lee Hui Fun (09S73) - 4.78m (5th)
Liza Ng (08S6H) - 4.72m (6th)
Sim Chai Ping (08S78) - 4.13m

Hui Fun and Liza broke their personal bests to finish in the 5th and
6th positions, even though long jump was not either of their main
events. Unfortunately, Chai Ping's first two jumps went unmeasured as
they were foul jumps, while her last jump was severely underboard,
barring her from entering the top 8. She is still a winner to us.

A-Girls 4x400m Relay Heats:

Hwa Chong Institution - 04:22.44

Melissa Wee (09S74), Samantha Raeburn (09A16), Goh Chui Ling (09A11)
and Melvis Lim (09S64) ran 04:22.44 to emerge the fastest qualifying
team in the 4x400m relay.

A-Boys 4x400m Relay Heats:

Hwa Chong Institution - 03:36.32

After narrowly missing out on qualification for the 4x100m relay
finals, John Yeo (09S71), Aran Atsuo (08A12), Choo Shi Jun (08S6Q) and
Joel Chia (09S68) ran a determined 03:36.32, exceeding expectations by
emerging the second fastest qualifying team in the 4x400m relay.

A-Boys Shot Put Final:

Lim Zhuo Yan (08S6Q) - 17.11m (1st, NR)
Cai Jiashen (09A16) - 15.36m (2nd)
Lim You Jie (09A13) - 14.43m (4th)

Zhuo Yan threw 17.11m to eclipse the old championship record of
16.79m, which was set by former HC thrower Scott Wong last year.
Jiashen and You Jie also finished in the 2nd and 4th positions,
reaffirming the boys team's dominance in the throws events.

A-Girls Javelin Final:

Ling Pei Lih (09S7K) - 28.75m (5th)

Pei Lih, our only competitor in the A-Girls Javelin event, did us
proud by finishing in the 5th position.