Match Report: Wushu Finals

In the National Inter-School Wushu Championship 2009 started on the 1st of April and concluded on the 15th of April, with Hwachong emerging as the Overall Champions for the ‘A’ division boys and ‘B’ division boys and took home the challenge trophies for the respective divisions. While the ‘B’ division boys defeated traditional rivals Chung Cheng High (Main), our ‘A’ division boys managed to clinch the overall championship award despite stiff competition from powerhouses VJC, MJC and other rivals such as AJC.

The day began with high hopes of obtaining more medals for our team events to defeat our competitors by a clear margin. In the Group Quanshu event, our ‘A’ boys had a hard fight with VJC, managing to draw with VJC for the 1st placing in raw score, losing only by a small margin. We obtained a silver medal for the Group Weapon event as well, in spite of minor fumbles. Even though we conceded 2 gold medals for our final 2 events, our achievements in the individual events paid off and we managed to defeat 1st runner-up VJC by 1 point and unseat the defending champion from 2008, MJC.

A Boys Group Quanshu:

A Boys Group Weapon:

The ‘A’ division girls also did well, clinching a 3rd position and 6th position for the Group Weapon and Group Quanshu events respectively in the face of stiff competition.

A Girls Group Quanshu:

A Girls Group Weapon:

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our coaches, Mr Lee Kok Heng and Ms Han Mei Ling, for their guidance and motivation, teachers-in-charge Mr Tan Yang and Mr Kevin Chong for their continuous support and confidence in us, our teachers, for being kind and understanding when we missed lessons, the school for supporting us, our friends and supporters who were there for us and everyone else who helped us one way or another.

The Hwachong Wushu Team will continue to strive for greater heights and we hope to achieve even better results next year.

Presenting to you the Hwachong Wushu Competition Team:

‘A’ Division Boys
Ang Dun Yang (Captain) 08S6P
Kuo En Yi (Vice-Captain) 08S75
Nathaniel Gan 08S66
Jonathan Heng 08S6J
Koh Choon Chuan 08S6Q
Ong Han Ee 08S6H
Ong Yi Quan 08S6J
Tan Tong Hang 08A13
Xue Yuyu 08S6G
Justin Salim 09S67
Koh Yee Hong 09S65
Lee Hong Hui 09S6F
Yee Guang Yi 09S72

‘A’ Division Girls
Clarisse Look 08S70
Goh Yihui 08S70
Tan Hui Min 08S6K
Jasmine Tan 08S6P
Chai Wan Ngee 09S6E
Joanna Chan 09S7K
Chia Bih Yee 09S71
Foo Kai Qi 09A12
Long Qianqian 09S67
Ooi Ee Ning 09S61
Tan Hui Fang 09S74
Wong Yun Ting 09S7F
Liew Xiao Wei Christabel 09S71