Match Report: Track & Field, Finals

First event of the day was the A-Boys high jump and 3 out of the 17 competitors were from Hwa Chong! Jun Yang and Qi Han jumped with grace, and finished 4th and 5th respectively, while Aaron managed to clinch 2nd, despite not attaining his Personal Best (P.B).

A-Div High Jump Boys:
Aaron Koh – 189cm (2nd)
Tan Jun Yang – 175cm (4th)
Wong Qihan – 175cm (5

A-Div 100m Girls:
Chong Jia Yuan – Lane 4 12.68s (2nd)
Lee Jia Wen – Lane 6 13.11s (4th)

For 100m Girls, Jia Yuan and Jia Wen managed to clinch the 2nd and 4th placing. Both of them fought fiercely in the race, with Jia Yuan finishing within a fraction of a second from the eventual winner.

800m Girls was spectacular as we were proud to see 3 HC girls running in the finals. The race started with all 3 of them in the leading pack, fighting for glory to the school. At the last stretch, Melvis managed to pull away from the pack, striving for 3rd position, but eventually finishing the race in 4th place. Francoise and Sheila also made us proud by achieving 6th and 8th position respectively!

A Div 800m Girls:
Melvis Lim – 2:34.72 (4th)
Francoise Lee – 2:37.60 (6th)
Sheila Cheng – 2:39.35 ( 8th)

Next, it’s time for our A-Div boys to also show results of their grueling trainings. For 1500m Boys, our boys, Jianrui, Wei Jie and Zhen Yang, maintained in front of the pack for the first 800m, but the last 700m were the determining moments. Our students cheered as our athletes were running in front of the stand, and Wei Jie even waved back to the crowd before making his dash to the finish. HC Unite correspondents grabbed to opportunity to ask what his feelings were as he waved back to the crowd.

Wei Jie: It was cool. I think I sped up too early, but it’s okay. Thanks for your support. Thanks

A Div 1500m Boys:
Li Jianrui – 4.33.53 (6th)
Tiong Wei Jie 4:33.82 (8th)
Lee Zhenyang – 4:50.56 (15th)

Last in the day’s event were relays. Our 4x100m Girls were up first, and the most exciting moment of that race was when Jia Yuan caught up with VJC at the last stretch, clinching the silver medal.

A Div 4x100m Girls:
51.04s - 2nd Placing

Then, it was the 4x400m Race. Striving to meet expectations, our female athletes put up a strong fight at the start, and eventually maintaining at 2nd position after the 2nd runner. At every bend, our students cheered with invigoration, celebrating the lead that our girls had over the other runners, and cheering on our runner to overtake and achieve 1st position. Though it did not manage to occur, we are still proud of what our girls can achieve!

A Div 4x400m Girls:
4:17.48 – 2nd Placing

Last event of the day was the 4x400m Boys. With the crowd cheering as wildly as ever, the athletes ran with their might. We were especially delighted at the very last stretch of the race, when our runners managed to catch up from the 5th position to the 3rd, gaining our medalist position!

A Div 4x400m Boys:
4th Placing

To round off the day, our Track Captain, Naisheng, has something to exclaim: “Although we did not reclaim the championship title we lost last year, I am still pleased with the team’s performance as everybody did their best during training sessions and the nationals competition. We were a little unlucky for a few events this year but I am sure next year’s team has the hunger and drive to succeed in regaining the title.”

We shall continue to show support for our athletes too! 3 cheers to Track and Field Team! :D


Anonymous said...

Good article! But why wasn't there any coverage of the 4x400 run? I think the runners in that event put up a good fight :)