Hot off the press: Touch Rugby HCI vs NYJC

After a 8-3 win over RJC last Wednesday, the Hwa Chong touch girls played NYJC today.

The Hwa Chong team managed to pull off a 6-0 win. However, during the game, the girls struggled to reach their normal standards and were often outpaced by their opponents.

As such, the NY defenders closed down the space and Hwa Chong found it difficult to quickly advance the ball. Nevertheless, there were some brilliant moments in attack where Hwa Chong managed to utilise their speed to score some significant tries against the NY girls.

Next week, Hwa Chong will be playing a crucial match against NJC; and it promises to be a nail-biting showdown, as both teams have won all their matches so far. This crucial game looks to be the deciding match of the tournament and will be played at 5pm. The girls are pushing hard this week to hit top form and maintain the upper hand in the tournament, hopefully, their efforts will translate into victory and glory.