Hot off the press: Canoe Heats

K1 1000m – Mervyn Toh (1st Heat 1)
Oon Shui Kun (2nd Heat 2)

K2 1000m – Samuel Chin, Ho Hin Yang (1st Heat 1)
Shao Fei, Ng Shu Ren (2nd Heat 2)

K4 1000m – Tan Jun Hong, Timothy Tay, Leo Bing Yeow, Kevin Ng (1st Heat 1)

C1 1000m – Leroy Chan (6th Heat 1)
Eric Huang (3rd Heat 3)

C2 1000m – Marcus Goh, Ong Wee Keat (4th in Heat 1)
Daniel Soo, Cao Zhe Hou (2nd in Heat 2)

Mervyn, Samuel and Hin Yang, and the K4 made it to the finals. Shui Kun, Eric, Shao Fei and Shu Ren, Daniel and Zhe Hou will paddle in the semis.