Season Preview: Guitar Ensemble

It was a rare day of pleasant music aired in the canteen today amidst the usual chatter of voices in the canteen as the Guitar Ensemble showcased their SYF pieces, namely Salut d'amour and Phantom of the Opera's Music of the Night. Soloist, Johnathan Heng also displayed his talent for the guitar through popular classic, Cavatina.

Although today's performance setting was rather small, it still did garner a fair bit of attention and the quality of music was not affected by the space limitations, as can be seen by the receptiveness of the audience. The audience soon gathered and excitedly dragged some canteen benches to get a closer look at what's going on to support their friends who were performing or simply to check out the good music! One could see that all present were enjoying this performance through the smiles of approval on their faces while some cheered enthusiastically for their friends in the ensemble.

Let us continue to support the Guitar Ensemble in their efforts as they strive for their SYF performance which would take place on the 28th of April! Jiayou Guitar Ensemble! :)