SYF Report: Indian Cultural Society

The Rhythm of Bhangra

The whole team of ICS could not believe it when the result was announced. At that very moment, more than six months of hard work has finally paid off. Our efforts had culminated in a Gold award at the Indian Dance SYF 2009!! =D

Even participation was an issue when we first embarked on this journey, due to our barely sufficient team strength. However, we persisted with the challenge of being the pioneer batch of Indian dancers representing Hwa Chong. Therefore for the past months, the team trained rigorously in spite of other commitments.

We wouldn’t deny that the process was tough, but we really enjoyed it. Most importantly, we would like to extend our heartfelt appreciation to our dance instructor Mr Mindae for his unwavering dedication, patience and optimism, in particular his strong faith in us. We would also like thank Ms Kiran, our teacher in charge, for her consistent encouragement throughout the journey, as well as our president, Siang Ling, for her inspiring strength and perseverance. Finally, we would like to thank the school, Ms Cavita, her helpers, Anthea Ng and Yang Chu Yi for their enthusiastic support. Without all these people, we would never have made it this far.

Proud to be an ICS-ian!