Match Report: Touch Rugby Boys

On April 20 2009, our very own Hwa Chong Touch Rugby guys team made history by playing our ever first game against SJI.

The game started with both teams adopting a cautious approach. After a few minutes, Ang An Rui, from 09S69, with a sudden burst of speed and inspiration, opened the scoring. The game opened up after that, with the tempo rising with every minute. The first half ended 4-1 in Hwa Chong's favour. The second half was equally electrifying, with both teams going all out to win the game.

After the game, the team asked for the actual scoreline,having lost count, only to be told that the score was a "double digit to 1". Apparently the referee lost count as well! This mirrored how the girls did against the SJI girls as well, when they won with a scoreline of 16-0. With a game played and an emphatic victory in the bag, the guys touch rugby team has certainly proved to one of quality. Please continue to show them your support and watch out for future games to come!