Season Preview: MLDDS

The Malay Literary Drama and Debating Society (MLDDS) has a host of culturally enriching activities for the year 2009.

Our aims are to explore and promote an appreciation for the Malay culture; to help the underprivileged within our community, with special focus on Malay beneficiaries; to provide leadership development opportunities for members; and to collaborate with other organizations which support the same causes as ours.

This year, we are sending our pioneer team of dancers to participate in the SYF (Malay Dance, Contemporary category) on April 8th. We are also launching the Hwa Chong MLDDS-Malay Heritage Center CIP programme this year as a fresh and fun way to explore the Malay culture while serving the community at the same time. Annual activites like Wau (Malay Traditional Kite) Design competition are also coming up, promising an exciting year ahead for MLDDS. Our partipation in externally organized activities like the 2nd Asean Forum and the Inaugural Asean Youth Mania Camp will also enhance our cultural literacy and leadership development.