Match Report: Netball HCI vs AJC

The HC Netball team started off shaky against AJC, and anyone on the sideline could tell that both teams were determined to win. As netball is an attacking game, scoring matters. Our shooters, Sharon Ng and Chua Kah Hsing, who played all 4 quarters despite persistent ankle injury, were sharp in their shots and the hours of shooting practices certainly paid off. Then again, Olivia Sulaeman's consistent passes made it easy for the shooters to put their shots up.

Our opponents were swift in their attack and were accurate in their shots. By the end of the first quarter, the Hwa Chong Netball team found themselves down by 1, with a score of 10-11. Despite playing in the pressence of many AJ supporters in the background, the Hwa Chong Netball team prevailed. As the saying goes "it's not over till the final whistle", we fought back hard, and eventually put in 7 more goals than our opponents, taking a lead of 23-17 by the end of the 2nd quarter. The team then went on to widening the margin by another 4 goals while our opponents pressed on in hopes for a change of tide. In the last quarter, the team continued to widen the margin by another 5 goals, culminating into the final score of 51-36.

The HC Netball team is now through to the Top 8 of our tournament and will be up against PJC (Monday 4th May), SRJC (Wednesday 6th May) and 2008 runner-ups ACJC (Friday 8th May). The team would appreciate your support for our round 2 matches :D So do feel free to come down!

1st and 2nd Quarter
Goal Shooter Kah Hsing
Goal Attack Pearlyn Yeo
Wing Attack Olivia Sulaeman
Centre Sharon Ng
Wing Defence Liew Siqi
Goal Defence Jocelyn Ang
Goal Keeper Charlene Tan

3rd and 4th Quarter
Goal Shooter Kah Hsing
Goal Attack Sharon Ng
Wing Attack Melissa Tan
Centre Olivia Sulaeman
Wing Defence Liew Siqi
Goal Defence Charlene Tan
Goal Keeper Subhasheenee Ganesan