Season Preview: Softball

The Hwa Chong Softball A Division Girls Team would be participating the the National Softball Championships next month, from 6th May to 27th May 2009.

As the defending champion for two consecutive years, the team has been striving hard for the past year, giving it our all in every training session to work on our areas of improvement and to reinforce our strengths, both individually and as a team. Having prepared ourselves both physically and mentally over the past few months, our team has the fire and desire to retain our championship title.

In March, the team took part in the Singapore Recreational Club's Annual Softball Carnival. After three weekends of competition, we emerged victorious against Raffles Institution (Junior College) with a tight score of 1-0.

Our team will continue to put our best into each of our remaining training sessions to retain our championship title. Do feel free to support the team at our upcoming matches over the course of May, especially during significant matches against VJC and RI(JC). The boys will play at 2.30pm, while the girls will play at 4.30pm. Your support is greatly appreciated!

6th May - VJC vs HCI (Away)
13th May - RI(JC) vs HCI (Away)
15th May - HCI vs NJC (Home)
18th May - HCI vs TPJC (Home)


The team consists of:
Rachel Lau 08S65
Zhu Tianyu 08S79
Eunice Aw 08S60
Felicia Tan 08S75
Lina Goh 08S6C
Noelle Tam 08A15
Rachel Tan 08A12

Carin Tan 09S79
Cheang Wai Foon 09S66
Chew Shi Tong 09S68
Lee Shu Zhen 09S63
Nicole Chew 09S7J
Poh Hui Qing 09S79
Quek Yi Yan 09S7K
Sylvie Tan 09S61


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