Season Preview: Touch Rugby

The National Junior College Touch Rugby League commenced on 5th March, 2009 and is the first official national inter-school competition organised by Touch Football Singapore. With dauntless passion and commitment, our very own touch rugby girls have been training extremely hard and are determined to dominate the season this year.

The first match between Hwa Chong and Pioneer Junior College, for a good start, was won with a score of 10-1. The girls continued to venture strong and beat Serangoon Junior College 7-0 in the following match!

Hwa Chong’s strongest competitor looks to be National Junior College, who has also sailed through their first two games against PJC (8-0) AND SRJC (7-2). Despite the first two smooth-sailing matches, they will not let their guards down as they gear up for the upcoming matches on 1st April against none other than RJC, and on 8th April against NJC.

In the meantime, look out for updates on the game against RJC tmr, held at Turf City, 5pm!

Match Report: Water Polo HCI vs ACJC

The HC team went into the game needing nothing less than a win to qualify for the finals, hence they were determined as ever to obtain victory. However, the ACJC side, emerging from a 15-5 victory over SAJC looked to be in top form, thus, the stage was set for a close fight.

After a fierce cheer each, both teams plunged into the pool for a much anticipated showdown. After attaining the first possession of the game, the HC team swept forward in their offense, their hardwork and endless hours in the pool paid off as they managed to draw first blood within the first 2 minutes of the game through the hands of Benjamin Tan in a extra man situation. ACJC equalized soon after, the first quarter ended 3-2. Both teams were neck and neck and it was obvious that this was not going to be easy for either teams.

The second quarter started similarly as HC attained possession again, however, the HC team displayed great fighting spirits as they swept their Anglo Chinese counterpart away, widening the score gap to 6-2 despite hitting the post on a number of shots. Notable efforts included a far shot from Davin Wang who made use of a ACJC player’s hand to deflect his ball into the top right hand corner, either really lucky, or really accurate, no one knows the answer till this day.

The HC team were simply not contented with a win, but rather settle for a comfortable margin as they net another 3 more goals in the third quarter, silencing the ACJC supporters with a scoreline of 9-2 at the end of the third quarter. The ACJC team was simply find an answer to HC’s form as Ben Ten continued his outstanding performance with a overpowering play that left the ACJC keeper stranded within his own net… with the ball in hand.

In the last quarter, HC’s defence which was clearly starting to relax was punished briefly as ACJC rekindled their hopes by scoring twice in the last quarter, doubling their score. However, the HC players did not give in easily and scored twice more through fast counter attacks to finish the game with a comfortable scoreline of 11-4.

If Team Hwachong manage to defeat SAJCon 7th april, that would secure their spot in the finals with (probably) last year’s winner RJC.

Hot off the press: Shooting/Fencing

The HC Shooting Team has went forth for today's shooting finals and the A'Div Rifle Mens' Team has achieved 5th place.

Also, the HC Fencing Team has won the following individual medals in today's fencing competition:

Men's Foil- Bronze
Women's Sabre-Bronze
Women's Epee- Bronze
Men's Sabre- 2nd

In terms of overall ranking, the Men's Sabre Team and Foil Team were ranked 1st and 3rd respectively, while the Women's Sabre Team were ranked 3rd overall.

Much congratulations both the Shooting and Fencing team! The match reports for today's finals will be put up soon. :)

Match Report: Soccer Boys HCI vs SAJC

Team HC went into the match as the underdogs as the Saints were the clear favourite to take away all 3 points from the match. Their fluent passing game won over many neutral supporters as they are tipped to be one of the title contenders this year. Past meetings between the two teams also went Saint's way as HC lost 7-0 during a friendly match late last year. Although HC did not field its full team, it was nevertheless a demoralising experience.

It was barely a minute into the game when the Saints scored their first goal. A tap was all that was needed to score following confusion in Hwa Chong’s penalty box. For a moment, team Hwa Chong felt as if history were to repeat itself. In the first 10 minutes, the Hwa Chong defence looked shaky. To compound matters, Saints added a second goal with a beautiful shot from right outside the penalty area. Silence filled the Hwa Chong camp.

However, this proved to be the turning point of the game. With nothing to lose, the HC team captain, Wincoln Tham, stood above the crowd and inspired his team to give the Saints a run for their money.

The start of the second half saw Hwa Chong make a couple of substitutions, a notable one being the introduction of Tay Zeng Hao. Zeng Hao being a natural winger with menacing pace, proved that his dribbling and speed was too much to take for the Saints’ defence.

Right from the start, HC assumed absolute control as their superior fitness level and stamina saw them out-play, out-dribble and out-run the opponent. Indeed, the excellent condition of the Hwa Chong squad was rewarded with a goal 10 minutes into the second half.

Upon receiving the ball in an awkward position, striker Lee Kwang Yueh adjusted with one touch and sent a cross into the penalty box, accurately picking out Aran Atsuo. A player of his finishing ability wasn’t about to miss from that range. Aran calmly slotted the ball past the keeper into the bottom left hand corner. The shot was executed with perfection.

The next 30 minutes saw even better football as HC went in search of that one elusive goal, with Zeng Hao wreaking havoc by terrorising the opponent’s defence with his constant runs and pinpoint crosses. With 10 minutes to go, Midfielder Chan Min Jian executed a perfectly timed volley, only to hit the bar.

Unfortunately, the second goal never came. The score line of 2-1 was kept to the final whistle. Lady luck just wasn’t on our side as the team failed to score despite greater possession.

As the Saints coach put it bluntly, “Hwa Chong has two extremely good players. One tall Indian and one short Chinese.” (He was referring to co-captain Aran Atsuo and winger Tay Zeng Hao.)The signs are positive for the soccer team with their commendable performance against the Saints. Hopefully, the team can once again look to their two talismanic figures for inspiration in their next match.

Match Report: Table Tennis

The Hwa Chong Table Tennis team capped an outstanding display to kickoff their season by routing their opponents 5-0 in both A’ Division Boys and Girls. Labelled as the title favourites, our players certainly did not disappoint as the team went on to win every single game in straight sets.

HCI 5-0 ACJC (A’ Div Boys)
Leong Yun Hao began the rout with a comfortable 3-0 victory in the first singles. The first doubles featured Yap Chun Kai and Kenneth Ler, who crushed their opponents in slightly less than 10 minutes. The highlight of the match was definitely the second singles, of which our top player Zhang Sai, thrilled and electrified the crowd with his exquisite shots and masterful overall play. His opponent had no answers to his dominance, going down 2-11, 2-11, 6-11. Leonard Leong and David Wong (second doubles), as well as Teo Jia Yang (third singles) then completed the vindictive display with equally impressive straight sets victories.

HCI 5-0 NJC (A’ Div Girls)

The girls team, who played at an earlier time, too commanded the play with a crushing 5-0 victory over NJC. In order of play, Delfina Kee (first singles), May Tan and Han Yushi (first doubles), Kwa Huiqi (second singles), Qi Yu Chen and Evelyn Koh (second doubles) and Liauw Wan Ling (third singles), took the games in straight sets.

There were absolutely no signs of complacency from both the boys and girls team. We hope to continue our excellent form in our upcoming matches against SRJC (A’ Boys) and TPJC (A’ Girls) this coming Wednesday.

Hot off the press: Soccer/Water Polo/Table Tennis

Soccer Boys managed to put up a close fight with 2008 National semi-finalist SAJC with a commendable score of 1-2.

Water Polo Boys continued on their winning streak, following up their 15-1 victory over ACS(I), with a 11-3 victory over ACJC.

The Table Tennis teams, both girls and boys, started off their 2009 season, by handing out thumping victories to their opponents, NJC and ACJC, winning in style with perfect scores of 5-0.

Stay tuned for detailed match reports and more news regarding fencing! :)

Season Preview: Table Tennis!

Boasting two national training team members and several national top 10 players, the Hwa Chong Table Tennis Team (HCTT) has been piped to win this year’s A’ Division Boys and Girls Nationals Championship. Coming so close to winning both titles last year, HCTT is more ready and determined than ever to claim our throne back and be reigned as double champions this year.

Our players have been training very hard since last year, and have been participating in external competitions and friendly matches to gain exposure and experience. Furthermore, team prep talks were also frequently conducted by our teacher in-charge, Ms Lum Siew Chin, as well as our coach, to impart their skills and knowledge in dealing with pre- competition and post- competition issues and to train us to be mentally strong and confident when we are up against our opponents.

The atmosphere in our camp is tremendous, with every single one of us ready to fight for HC’s glory, not as individuals, but as one unified HCTT.
The team will kick off their campaign tomorrow, March 30 Monday. The opponent for A’ Division Boys is ACJC as for the A’ Division Girls, they will be facing off with NJC.
A’ Division Boys

Leonard Leong (captain) 08S61
David Wong (vice captain) 08S6F
Yap Chun Kai 09A13
Mark Hee 09A14
Lim Jie Yan 09S67
Teo Jia Yang 09S68
Zhang Sai 09S6A
Kenneth Ler 09S7F
Leong Yun Hao 09S7J
Zheng Yi Fei 09S7J
A' Division Girls

Liauw Wan Ling 08S62
Han Yushi 08S62
Evelyn Koh Yi Ling 08S6D
May Tan Yi Xuan 08S76
Delfina Kee Wen Ting 08S72
Qi Yu Chen 08S6B
Kwa Hui Qi 09S66
Ho Qi Ying 09A14
Foo I Ching Jodie 09S6C
Ong Yi Ling 09S70
Wang Xun 09S6B

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The exciting season for all our CCAs has only just begun, so do be prepared to cheer your lungs out for your fellow schoolmates, as they bring glory to Hwa Chong!

for in unity, we find strength.

Zara Chan
Soon Kian Keong

Match Report: Basketball HCI vs ACJC

In this afternoon's match-up between Hwa Chong and ACJC, our basketball team emerged victorious with a score of 87-10. With this win, HCI extends her unbeaten record and now sits on the top spot of the group.

Starting the game with aggressive man-to-man defense, HC pressured their opponents into making several forced shots and inaccurate passes. These turnovers committed by them were then efficiently converted into fast-break points at the other end of the court. Before long, HC had established a comfortable 15-3 lead and began pulling away quickly.

Entering the 2nd quarter, the team maintained their playing intensity by halting the ACJC offense effectively and scoring in style. Having pushed their lead beyond 20 points, HC never once looked back and extended their lead consistently throughout the game.

Having missed the first two matches due to high fever and flu, Edward Ng (#15, forward) put up an incredible performance in his very first match with 14 points, 4 rebounds and 3 assists while Ah Bao (#13, forward/centre) chalked up 3 rebounds, 3 assists and led all scorers with 15 points.

The rest of the team took their turns to shine, with notable plays such as back-to-back fast breaks by Nicholas Tan (#6, guard), well-timed steals by Zhou Kai (#7, guard) and excellent centre rotations by Hock Seng (#14, forward/centre), Subhas (#5, forward/centre) and Hong Sheng (#10, forward/centre), all of which put smiles on the faces of HC Captains, Chester Leow and Chiam Hong Yao, and Teacher-in-charge, Mr. Michael Wong.

Ending their match debrief with a Birthday song for Captain Chester Leow (who turns 18 today!), the Hwa Chong Basketball Team goes off for a week-long break until their next match with River Valley High School on the coming Friday.

Top Scorers:
Yap Ching Poh (Ah Bao) 15 points
Edward Ng 14 points
Goh Wei Leong 9 points

Top Rebounders:
Subhas Nair 4 rebounds
Goh Wei Leong 4 rebounds
Tan Ee Ruey 3 rebounds

Top Assists:
Jonathan Lian 5 assists
Subhas Nair 4 assists
Zhou Kai 3 assists

Hot off the press: Basketball HCI vs ACJC

In a match that concluded an hour ago, our basketball guys team emerged victorious against ACJC with a thumping result of 87-10.

Ah Bao, yet again, led all scorers, with 15 points, with Edward Ng and Wei Leong putting up 14 and 9 points respectively to help propel the basketball team one step closer to regaining their championships!

Do look out for a match report coming right up tonight! :)

Season Preview: Indian Cutural Society

The item for our Indian dance SYF is an energetic, spontaneous and zesty piece of Bhangra. Bhangra began as a folk dance conducted by farmers to celebrate the coming of Spring. Today, Bhangra exists in different forms and styles all over the world – including pop music, film soundtracks, and Bollywood movies.

The music used for the dance encompasses traditional elements of Punjabis’ lifestyle, mainly being alcohol, fights, and romance. The dance is choreographed to showcase enthusiasm, elegance and esteem for love, life and joy. Be captivated by the lively movements and elaborate costumes, specially imported and tailor-made from India!

This is Hwa Chong’s first ever Indian Dance SYF!

Way to go, ICS!

Match Report: Judo

On the last day of blocks, both the A Div Boys & Girls Judo Team took part in the National Schools Judo Championship Individual Events at Hougang Sec Sch.

Our compact team of 13 players battled against tough adversaries, such as RJ, and most of us eventually found ourselves in the finals. With grit and determination, we rose to the occasion and displayed the essence of the Hwa Chong spirit.

For the A Div Boys, we hauled a total of 2 golds, 3 silvers and 2 bronzes. The A division Girls swept an impressive 4 golds, 1 silvers and 1 bronze. Such amazing results would not have been possible without the support of those who have helped us along the way.

Our team would be participating in the Team Event in July, which would, hopefully, culminate in the finals to be held on 31st July. We hope you will continue giving the Judo Team your fullest support as they train and fight hard to uphold the name of Hwa Chong!

Match Report: Water Polo HCI vs ACS(I)

After suffering a stinging defeat in the first game of the nationals to Raffles Junior College, the Hwa Chong Waterpolo team faced off with the home team, Anglo-Chinese School Independent.

Picking themselves up from the previous match and not underestimating their opponents, the Hwa Chong team rallied themselves and willed to play to the best of their ability. The team got off to a good start, opening up a lead of 2-0 by the end of the first quarter. As the game progressed into the second quarter, the team settled down and through a joint effort in both attack and defence, opened up the lead to a comfortable score line of 6 -0 at the end of the second quarter.

However, the team was not content and chose not to rest on their laurels. The squad displayed amazing grit and determination in maintaining a watertight defence, and their hunger and tenacity was clearly seen in every furious counter-attack they made. This brought the team to a 10-0 lead in the midst of the third quarter. Alas, a clean sheet was not to be as a minor lapse in defence lead to the conceding of one goal. The third quarter ended with the lone goal by ACSI. Resolute in their aim to give everything they had in the match, the team fought to the very last second, scoring another 4 goals to end the game with a 15-1 victory.

The defeat of ACSI was only possible through the cohesive teamwork of the players and the never-say-die spirit of the team. The match was truly a fine example of Hwa Chong’s 自强不息 spirit; instead of being discouraged by an earlier loss to Raffles Junior College, the team fought hard till the end to win a remarkable match.

The team will choose to remain resilient and bring this fighting spirit to the following games against Anglo-Chinese Junior College and Saint Andrew’s Junior College.

Hot off the press: Water Polo

The Hwa Chong Water Polo team has done themselves and the school proud with their victorious game today against opponents from ACS(I), with a score of 15:1! Good job!

For now, do keep a close look out for the match's report which would be coming right up :)

Match Report: X Country

Today, although the runners from the Hwa Chong Cross Country team may not have proven themselves to be the best in the nation yet, but they certainly showed they were the team with the most guts and with an unflagging fighting spirit.

At 9.40am, the A division girls started the race. 10 minutes later, the A division boys started too and the fight was on! Our runners were slightly slower off the blocks and logically so, as many obstacles peppered the race track, especially a killer slope right smack in the middle of the race course.

As such, the race developed into an overall picture where the Raffles runners took the lead and with our Hwa Chong runners conserving energy by staying roughly in the middle of the chasing pack. Upon finally making it past the slope, our runners sped up, invigorated by the energy saved at the earlier part of the race, and started to catch-up with the leading runners from Raffles. Inexorably, our runners shortened the gap between leaders and themselves but somehow, the leaders did not seem to be slowing down!

This continued until the final 300m, where the runners went out of the reservoir and into the stadium. Turning the corner, they were cheered and spurred on by a small but significant mass of supporters and then accelerated, putting in that final burst of energy and speed that carried them past the finish line! Alas, the efforts of our runners would come to naught, as the gap created at the start proved too much to overcome.

At the end of the race, the runners were down but their spirits stayed strong. The captain, Shijun said, “Although we might not have won, we have tried our very best and I think we’re happy”. In fact, they already have started planning their revenge as they look forward to the Track and Field Nationals. “I think we’re going to do better in Track and Field, I think we can beat them there!” And so with their spirits and heads held up high, they left the stadium knowing that they have that one chance to take revenge. The Track & Field season beckons...

Match Report: Water Polo HCI vs RJC

The annual school nationals are always a tightly contested affair, with the first matchup highly anticipated due to the strong rivalry between powerhouses Raffles Institution and Hwa Chong.

Despite confidence running high on both sides, HC got off to a somewhat shaky start, conceding two goals which put Raffles at a two goal advantage at the end of the first quarter. The squad picked themselves up after, however, putting up a tenacious defense to shutout Raffles and score three straight goals to give themselves the edge over their opponents at the end of the first half.

The game continued in similar fashion after the short interval, with both teams tussling to forge ahead but neither managing to gain the advantage. The entire team functioned together to display incredible fighting spirit and determination to claw back from dangerous situations, with their hard work paying off as, with three minutes remaining in the game, HC appeared to hold the upper hand over Raffles with a 6-5 lead.

Things were not meant to be, however, as a lapse in concentration followed by a swift counterattack led to Raffles leveling the score with 2 minutes remaining. Despite this major setback, the HC players fought on, attempting to find the winning goal again. HC hit the post on two successive attacks, and it looked like the game was heading for a draw until a cruel twist of fate led to a surprising reversal which saw Raffles score the decider with little less than a minute remaining. Although HC remained calm and battled to the very end searching for an equaliser, it seemed that Lady Luck was not on her side, as Raffles clung on to their slender lead for an eventual 7-6 victory.

The loss of an opening match is never easy for any team, but the HC team has shown remarkable resilience and spirit to pick themselves up from this defeat and face their following matches with an upbeat attitude.

Staying up late tonight?

If you are gonna stay up late enough...

We have a report on the cross country finals coming right up at 11pm!

So stay tuned!

Match Report: Bball Guys HCI vs NJC

In an important match for both teams, HC emerged winners over neighbours NJC in a feisty encounter at SBC. Both teams were in need of a victory to secure a place in the next round of the competition.

HC set a blistering pace with an aggressive start, taking an early 12-2 lead and forcing the flustered NJC defence to call a time-out to regroup. NJC soon bounced back strong and gave our players a run for their money, especially NJC's point guard, #15, who challenged our basketballers with especially skillful play.

The game was neck-and-neck throughout the first half, with both teams going all out for that shot at victory. It was not until the third quarter that our team started to pull way in scoring, taking a 12-point lead over our opponents at one point as NJC floundered under the pressure put on them by the skillful HC bench. HC managed to control the rebounds and the scoring throughout the remainder of the third and fourth quarters (in spite of co-captain Chiam Hong Yao's injury scare in the fourth quarter which forced a late substitution) to clinch a decisive 50-32 victory.

All 12 members of the Hwa Chong team got their turn to shine on the court and contribute to the victory. Of particular note from our side was power forward Ah Bao, who was a constant thorn in NJ's side and finished the game with an impressive 20 points and 6 rebounds. Captain Chester Leow, not to be outdone, paced Ah Bao in scoring and finished the game with a respectable 15 points and 5 rebounds.

Our basketball guys will be up against ACJC on Friday. A win would secure them top spot in their group - the perfect way to kick off what looks set to be an exciting season to come!

Top scorers:
Ah Bao 20 points
Chester 15 Points

Top rebounders:
Subhas 8 rebounds
Ah Bao 6 rebounds
Chester 5 rebounds

Hot off the press: Basketball

In a match that concluded about an hour ago,

The Hwa Chong Basketball Team, led by captains Chester Leow and Chiam Hong Yao, defeated their opponents National JC, with the score of 50-32.

Yap Ching Poh, the Artemis Fac King who is affectionately known as Ah Bao, scored a total of 20 points, to help defeat our neighbour from across the overhead bridge.

Hot off the press: X Country!

Latest Updates!

From the X Country Finals which concluded about 38 mins ago,

Our Girls Team finished 1st Runner-up!
Our Guys Team finished 2nd Runner-up!

Do look out for a more detailed report regarding the event :D

Special Feature: Hwa Chong on TV

Tonight's episode of 'The School Nationals', on Mediacorp Channel 5,
at 7.30pm, will include highlights from Cross Country and the Hwa
Chong vs ACS(B) Water Polo match.

Do remember to catch it! :)

Season Preview: Cross Country!

Tomorrow, 25th March, the cross country team will be having their nationals!
The guys will be looking to improve from their 2nd runnerup position last year, while the girls look set to defend their championship!

Year 2s:
Shijun, S62
Emelyne, S73,
Louisa, S68
Weijie, S6V
Yunfeng, S6A
Jianrui, S75
Lihong, S75
Zhenyang, S7C
E-maine, S74
Fan-li, S6G
Audrey, S6N

Year 1s:
Gary, S79
Augustine, S66
Francoise, S6A
Gwen, S62

Match Report: Basketball Guys HCI vs RJC

In a recent A Div Group A clash between Hwa Chong Institution and Raffles Institution on Monday, our team emegered victorious, winning with the score of 63-58!

The guys will be playing their next match against National JC this coming Wednesday, at 12pm @ Singapore Basketball Centre.

For the girl's team, they will only be starting their season in late April, when they will be playing the likes of Temasek JC, Millennia Institute and Innova JC.

Do look out for more updates!

Season Preview: MAD!

Music and Dance Society (MAD) is a dance society set up back in 1974, and has evolved with the times, through different forms to its current form. Currently, it comprises 3 divisions, namely Modern, Hip-hop, and Break. Our Modern Division has always achieved excellent results for the Singapore Youth Festival, and this year, it will be breaking new grounds, performing at the inaugural Asian Youth Games (AYG) Opening Ceremony in June. Participation on local dance competitions such as FUYO Inter-School 3v3 bboy championships, as well as Danceworks!, a local dance competition to raise awareness of the harms of drugs. We have also performed a charity event Tapestry, for a few years, as well as school events such as Open House and Teachers’ Day.

Boasting probably the best instructors around in Singapore in their respective genres, with Bboy Felix Huang as the instructor for the Break Division, Mr Dan Kwok as the instructor for the Modern Division, as well as An An from O School, for the Hip-hop Division. Currently, the aims for MAD are simple: to foster a group of dancers who are knowledgeable about every genre of dance, as well as to bring every dancer closer together so that we forge strong relationships with one another. As MAD continues to grow bigger in size, we strive to improve our standards and at the same time, creating opportunities for dancers from different genres to get to know one another better and thus appreciate other genres of dance as well.

This year, the Music and Dance Society promises to bring you more surprises, as it prepares for an all-new Dance Night 2009, a concert show held annually in collaboration with Chinese Dance since 2006. More details will be released soon, so do keep a lookout for Dance Night 2009 in Term 2!

Season Preview: HC Bowling!

Bowling has never been a niche area for Hwa Chong, with the likes of ACJC and RJC dominating the scene. But 2009 looks set to be a turning point. With a change in coach and promising players joining the team, the bowling team hopes to shake off the disappointment from last year and achieve new heights this year.

Training has been modified into a more rigorous multi-faceted programme, which hones physical technique, mental attrition and strategic planning skills. Many of our players put in extra effort as well, taking part in inter-club leagues and nation-wide championships to gain competition exposure, and bowling in their free time to cement newly acquired techniques.

During the year-end holidays, friendly matches with other junior colleges ended unfavourably, but this only serves to fuel the desire to make good in this year’s A Division Championships. Moreover, the team has improved greatly ever since the new coach took his place. The team is confident that with sustained effort, as well as effective guidance from the coach, this year, there will be cause for celebration.

Season Preview: Wushu!

Always pursue; never be satisfied. The high hopes of the Wushu team in the year 2009 is matched only by their dedication and willpower to win the championships.

Though the A division Boys and Girls teams have only recently started training together with the new intake of J1s, their sheer effort and strive for excellence has pushed them beyond their limits, allowing them to progress and improve at an astoundingly satisfactory rate. With the Championships coming up, the Wushu team will definitely aim for the skies, fighting on to the end with a resilience that is unique to them.

Season Preview: Soccer!

The Hwa Chong Soccer team, despite their commendable yet unrewarded efforts last year, has continued to strive hard in terms of giving their best in trainings and friendlies. With the likes of talent such as national Combined Schools player Aran Atsuo, HC Soccer is determined to scale greater heights and achieve better results in the coming 2009 season.

HC Soccer, with a streamlined squad of 20 players, has been contributing valuable time and effort in practice sessions under the experienced tutelage of their coach; and has toiled hard to translate the gruelling hours into positive results in their friendlies against other top institutions. Recently, the team has achieved commendable results such as a 2-2 score draw against ITE (Bishan), as well as a 2-0 win over Anderson Junior College. With such encouraging results, HC Soccer looks set and ready to mount a serious challenge against the reigning elite schools in the national soccer arena.

Only time will tell whether the efforts invested by the HC Soccer team will come to fruition. Their journey begins in April, with their first game against last year's semi-finalists, St Andrew's Junior College. The team remains dedicated and optimistic to their championship cause and will indeed, continue to give their very all to try and improve on last year's results.