Hot off the press: Track and Field, Day 2

The boys team remains in 1st place with 47 points, ahead of rivals RI
(44 points) and VJC (42 points).
The girls team is currently in 4th place with 11 points, trailing just
behind ACJC (12 points) and VJC (13 points).

A-Boys 100m Heats:

Clement Lin (09A13) - 00:11.65
Chia Yu Wei (08S6E) - 00:13.61
Timothy Yong (08S76) - 00:12.11

Clement and Timothy placed 2nd and 4th in their respective heats and
qualified for the semi-finals. Unfortunately, Yu Wei was forced to
pull out of his race as he aggravated an old hamstring injury.

A-Girls 100m Heats:

Chong Jia Yuan (08S62) - 00:12.91
Lee Jia Wen (08S74) - 00:13.40
Bella Koh (09S79) - 00:14.30

Jia Yuan, Jia Wen and Bella placed 1st, 2nd and 5th in their

respective heats and qualified for the semi-finals.

A-Boys Pole Vault Final:

Chuang Xue An (09S64) - 3.40m (4th)
Roy Ang (08S6T) - 3.40m (5th)
Benjamin Ng (09S7F) - DNQ

Xue An and Roy both jumped a height of 3.40m to finish just outside
the medals, with Roy losing to Xue An on countback. Benjamin was
unheighted despite crossing 4.00m on his first attempt, as his jump
was ruled as a foul.

A-Girls Discus Final:

Ling Pei Lih (09S7K) - 29.05m
Quek Gou Jun (09A15) - DNQ
Melissa Sng (08A10) - DNQ

Pei Lih broke her personal best to clinch the bronze medal with an
effort of 29.05m.

A-Boys 400m Heats:

Cui Naisheng (08S6Q) - 00:54.86

Naisheng finished 3rd in his heat and qualified for the semi-finals.

A-Boys 5000m Final:

Gary Tse (09S79) - 18:00.49 (6th)
Guang Yunfeng (08S6A) - 19:00.42 (12th)
Augustine Tan (09S66) - 21:23.74 (20th)

Gary ran 18:00.49 to finish within the top 8.

A-Girls Triple Jump Final:

Amanda Lau (09S6F) - 10.31m (6th)
Marie Chia (08S65) - 10.27m (7th)
Sim Chai Ping (08S78) - DNQ

With only a few months of preparation, Amanda and Marie managed to
finish within the top 8, even though triple jump was not their main
event. Marie also broke her personal best.