Hot off the press: Track & Field, Day 4

The boys team remains in 1st place with 59 points, ahead of rivals RI
(57 points) and VJC (52 points).

The girls team has jumped to 2nd place at 31 points, behind RI (43 points).

A-Boys 400m Hurdles Heats:

Tommy Kee (09S73) - 01:01.15
Joel Chia (09S68) - 01:01.48

Tommy finished 3rd in his heat and proceeded to the final on 21/4.
Chia Yu Wei (08S6E) was forced to withdraw from the event due to a
recurrent hamstring injury.

A-Girls 400m Hurdles Heats:

Lee E-main (08S74) - 01:16.04
Penny Tan (09S79) - 01:16.84

E-main and Penny placed 4th and 2nd in their respective heats and

qualified for the final on 21/4.

A-Boys 100m Semi-Final:

Clement Lin (09A13) - 00:11.90
Timothy Yong (08S76) - 00:12.11

Despite giving it their all, Clement and Timothy were unable to
proceed to the final round of competition.

A-Girls 100m Semi-Final:

Bella Koh (09S79) - 00:14.29
Chong Jia Yuan (08S62) - 00:12.90
Lee Jia Wen (08S74) - 00:13.57

Jia Yuan and Jia Wen placed 1st and 2nd in their respective
semi-finals and qualified for the final on 23/4.

A-Girls High Jump Final:

Liza Ng (08S6H) - 1.62m (1st)
Goh Chui Ling (09A11) - 1.56m (2nd)
Marie Chia (08S65) - 1.45m (5th)

Liza broke her personal best twice and Chui Ling overcame an ankle
injury to her jumping leg to clinch the gold and silver medal
respectively, beating their opponents by a respectable margin. Marie
also broke her personal best but lost the 4th position on the
countback rule, saving their coach Mr David Woon some money.

A-Boys 4x100m Relay Heats:

Hwa Chong Institution - 00:45.45

With the loss of a main runner due to injury, the boys 4x100m relay
team's placing of 3rd in their heat was not enough to proceed to the

A-Girls 4x100m Relay Heats:

Hwa Chong Institution - 00:52.02

The girls 4x100m relay team won their heat and qualified for the final on 23/4.