Match Report: Tennis

The HC Tennis Team opened up the field today with a resounding 5-0 home-ground victory over opponents SRJC, setting the table for an exciting season indeed.

George Guan of 09S6D represented HC in the 1st singles, powering past his opponent with his mercurial tactics and deep ground strokes to quickly rack up an 8-0 lead, and a decisive 9-1 finish against a bewildered opponent.

Played simultaneously along with the 1st singles, the 2nd singles was lengthier, but by no means prosaic. In this one-sided match Gabriel Nio of 09S76 soundly silenced his opponent with a final score of 9-2 to clinch the second point for HC.

In the 1st doubles, Wilson Lee Shu fan and Leon Lee gave the audience a feast for the eyes with a dazzling display of smashes, volleys and service aces that stunned both the opponents and their linesmen. Though their first season playing together as partners, both players overcame the baptism of fire and followed through from a 6-3 lead to conclude the match at 9-3.

Oei Jun Long and Janus Low represented HC in the 2nd doubles. The start of the match saw a quick (3-0) lead by the pair, such was their teamwork. However during the later stages of the match the duo began to lose their focus, allowing their opponents to clinch some much needed points to push the game to (7-4). The lapse however, was quickly shrugged off by both players, who swiftly ended the match with a convincing 9-6 victory.

The 3rd singles, where teams normally concentrate their strength, saw Alvin Loh from 08S70 pitted against an opponent that just got steadier as the match progressed. However, even this boon was to no avail as he was no match for Alvin’s powerful play and merciless service and quickly yielded 9-3 to the team captain. The coup de grace was delivered and Hwachong Tennis emerged victorious! Congratulations!