Hot off the press: Soccer

The soccer boys team, though determined and hopeful, were unable to break the deadlock against TJC and ended the game 0-0. As such, the team, led by captains Wincoln Tham and Aran Atsuo, desperately need TJC and TPJC to play out a draw in their game on Monday, for the team to go through.

Yet, on a personal note, the soccer team has never failed to amaze me at how they have always been a very united team- one that is made up of individuals who share a common passion for the beautiful game.

As one of the players mentioned, "Don't think, don't hope, don't wish. Let's just play the best we can and see what life has in store for us. Let's just play our part and see what the script has set in store for us. Forget about qualifying, forget about how the other results will play out, forget about even winning or losing."

Let's just play. HC Soccer.